The Team

Kateryna Filyus

Senior Property Manager

Kateryna has had an impressive career in the property management sector with over 12 years of operational experience. Her experience in Strata management, Rental Apartment Buildings, Investments Suites and the Non-Profit Housing sector has enhanced her knowledge and ability to provide superior property management services to our clients. Since 2008, Kateryna has been a part of the TPM team.

Normita Tacla

Property Manager

Normita came to TPM with over seven years experience in Strata Management. Prior to on boarding with TPM, Normita was part of a well-recognized property management firm where she acted as direct support for the owners and the General Manager. Normita is a high functioning, superior manager with a high level capacity for administration and operations. Normita has been with TPM for over 5 years and is a licensed property manager.

 Gaya Chinni

Property Administrator

Gaya is a passionate and conscientious individual who has experience working in property administration and has a customer focused attitude. As Property Administrator, Gaya will be working closely with our clients to ensure the smooth delivery of our day-to-day operational services.

Sabrina Yan

Property Administrator

Sabrina is self-motivated and detail oriented who came to TPM having previously worked as a Site Coordinator for a major Canada-wide property management company. Sabrina’s friendly demeanor and professional approach ensures our client’s and their residents feel well cared for and that their needs are being addressed.


Christie Reid

Property Administrator / Site Coordinator

Christie is an experienced professional who works as a Site Coordinator and as a Property Administrator in TPM head office. She has many years of experience working in a housing industry, both in a property management company and in a non-profit housing sector, too. She is great in marketing, administration, customer service and has strong coordinating skills.

Marie Bretova

Executive and Office Services Manager

Marie came to TPM with years of experience in office administration. She supports our senior management team and takes on duties such as office management, marketing coordination, IT support, administration and Corporate and special projects. She is running a broad range of activities across company operations and oversees the day-to day activities.

Adrian Neer

Onsite Coordinator

Adrian is passionate about the provision of affordable housing, community initiatives and non-profits. He is experienced in many aspects of co-op management and operations. He has a unique combination skills from administration, academic and volunteer positions and possesses the ability to multi-task and be detail oriented which helps to support the services we provide to our clients.

Jo Dworschak

Onsite Coordinator

Jo has many years of experience working in housing industry, property management and non-profit sector. Providing one to one support for clients, Jo has developed exceptional organization and communication abilities with a deep understanding of and attention to the needs of the residents.

Laura Dill

Onsite Coordinator

Located in Fort St. John, Laura serves our client in the Northern part of B.C. as their onsite coordinator. As Site Coordinator, Laura manages the day-to-day onsite operations which includes maintenance coordination and administration duties. Laura continually demonstrates her ability to be detail-oriented and highly organized in a fast-paced environment.

Susan Marvel

Accounting Clerk

Susan is a passionate accountant who dedicates herself to providing accurate and timely work to our clients. Having over 15 years of experience in accounting and with a Certificate in Business Administration – Accounting major, Susan is extremely knowledgeable and seasoned in her role as an Accounting Clerk.

Cate Benitez


Cate is an experienced IT-savvy accountant, passionate and dedicated to get the books up to date in accordance with proper accounting procedures. She is a knowledgeable, very efficient and dependable team member, detail-oriented and possess strong analytical and problem solving skills. She has always shown initiative in the performance of her duties, and is able to handle multiple tasks.

Jianheng Zhong

Accounting Clerk

Jianheng joined TPM in 2019. Since then, he has used his critical thinking to ensure efficient and dependable accounting practices. With experience in accounts payable and receivables, he is a knowledgeable and dependable team member.

Alejandro Jovellar

Resident Manager

Alejandro our only resident manager, manages a mid size, senior housing apartment in the West End of Vancouver. His experience in property management is extensive and has held positions in both the private and non-profit sector. His knowledge and experience serves as a great benefit for our residents and clients. Alejandro is a licensed property manager.

Rolando Deserres

Maintenance Technician

Rolando has several years’ experience in performing maintenance duties. His experience and diverse knowledge of building and property maintenance adds tremendous value to our clients and their properties.