Asset Management

It is critical to be prepared for the future of your buildings which promotes long term sustainability. Being proactive in your planning will guide you for future success.

As your property ages and you are faced with questions such as what work should be done, when should this be done and how will this be paid for, these among others are the areas that TPM is able to support you with.

We offer a wide range of services from commissioning a building condition assessment report, preparing a replacement (capital) reserve fund plan to developing a long term financial plan and strategy are vital for long term sustainability of your property.

Need some help with your long-term asset management planning? Here are some of our services that can help you with just that:

  • Commission of a Building Condition Assessment (BCA) report
  • Develop a replacement (capital) reserve fund plan
  • Prepare long term cash flow scenarios that encompasses operations and capital
  • Facilitate commercial lending needs in refinancing and capital loans
  • End of Operating Agreement planning (co-ops and non-profits)
  • Development of a capital plan to meet government funder needs (co-ops and non-profits)
  • Apply for Government Grants

Need to learn more? Contact us anytime and we look forward to helping you plan for the future!