On December 29, 2015 at 11:39 pm PST an earthquake was felt across Southern British Columbia. Measured at a magnitude of 4.8, this earthquake was a reminder of the fact that we can not predict or control mother nature, but that we can be prepared.

As we have seen a natural disaster can happen without warning and when it does you will want you and your family to be prepared.  Have you asked yourself important questions such as, “would I/we have emergency supplies such as food and water?”, “would I/we know of the safest place to go?”, “how can I/we operate without electricity?” The City of Vancouver website is a great resource for you to ensure that you and your family can stay safe during these emergencies.

Understanding each family member’s role in the event of a disaster are one of the things to keep you safe and prepared. Preparing an emergency kit with available supplies will also be beneficial should you need to evacuate your home and survive without the essentials during an emergency.

We are grateful that there were no cases of serious damage due to the most recent earthquake, and are hopeful that proper preparation will mitigate any risks for any future natural disasters that may occur.

Click here to learn more: City of Vancouver- Prepare for an earthquake and other disasters


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