There is no denying that winter is on its way –this year we are feeling the chilly winds even sooner than usual!  As residents often get hit with bigger home maintenance bills during the winter, it is important to take proactive steps before and during the winter months to ensure your bills don’t creep up on you!

To help save you on your bills this winter, we want to give you small but useful tricks to prevent you from needing to crank up the heat – which means a lower heating expense this winter.  So, while you are pulling out your sweaters and coats, remember these key tips for making your home more winter friendly – you will be glad you did.

1. Close the blinds and curtains – you can do this during the nighttime hours and on cloudy days.

2. Have hardwood floors? – put rugs down to help to prevent heat from escaping

3. Examine your windows – do you feel a draft? Let your property manager know! Also try to keep your windows closed to keep the heat in.

4. Be conservative with your thermostat – when you leave the house, turn your thermostat down to around 10-15 degrees.

5. Use blankets & wear warm clothes – feeling chilly? You can always throw a blanket or warm sweater on to prevent needing to turn up the heat!

6. Feel a breeze coming from the door? – if so, it may need to be sealed. Let your property manager know!

We hope with these tips helps your home stay warm and cozy and you end the season with a little extra money in your pocket then the last!

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