• An accounting clerk that will be assigned to your property to perform accounts receivables, accounts payable and invoice coding, cheque requisitions and distribution including all supporting documentation as set forth by the client policies, banking, deposits, reconciliations including petty cash, journal entries, required adjustments, balancing and reporting;
  • Our Certified General Accountant will produce your monthly financial statement package and perform any required customized reporting such as cash flow forecast;
  • Audit preparation that includes gathering of required documents by your auditor, preparation of year end reports, coordination and facilitation of auditor needs such as file and record access, liaison between auditor and the client;
  • Audit 1st draft reviews,required adjustments and post auditor yearend adjustments;
  • Filing of G.S.T rebates;
  • Banking services through the financial institution of the client’s choosing;
  • Preparation of annual budgets that include replacement reserve allocations, multiple budget scenarios with detailed analysis of each scenario and its impacts, presentation to the client, funder and members for approval;
  • Custom General Ledgers to transparently reflect operational and replacement reserve costs;
  • Customized reporting such as cash flow and operating reforecast;
  • Tender and Bid process for auditors;
  • Strict adherence to client policies;
  • (Re)Development of financial policies in collaboration with the client; and
    Investment strategies and annual allocation of replacement reserve funds