When people think of October they often think of the spooky celebration that happens at the end of the month – Halloween. But, did you also know that October is the month that hosts Waste Reduction Week?

Yes, almost as scary as goblins and ghosts is the amount of waste that we produce every year. But thanks to awesome initiatives such as Waste Reduction Week, we are seeing positive shifts in our ecological footprint that is having big impacts!

This year, Waste Reduction Week is from October 17-23. During this week there are numerous events and workshops to participate in to both reduce waste as well as learn about the importance and benefits of waste reduction. Our team will be joining alongside many others during this week to take extra initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle!

In honor of this important initiative organized by the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC), we have put together short list of big things you can do to help reduce waste.

  • Reduce Food Waste – make sure your fridge is set at an appropriate temperature to ensure that food doesn’t spoil before you get around to eating it!
  • Compost your food (properly) –what doesn’t make it to your plate can make it back into the soil! Make sure you compost all food scraps rather than throwing them into the garbage to go to the landfill
  • Use Your Resources – use resources such as your City’s government and RCBC website and phone-line to get information on proper recycling practices
  • Spread the word! – now that you are informed, share your knowledge with others!

Want to learn more about Waste Reduction Week and what you can do? Visit RCBC’s website at http://www.rcbc.ca/events/waste-reduction-week

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