It is hard to believe that we have already entered the month of September! As always, this means we begin our month with the long-weekend celebrating Labour Day.

For those in British Columbia, this long weekend is expected to be a warm one. To help you plan for keeping your home cool without the use of personal Air Conditioners, here are some helpful tips:

  • Utilize your building’s A/Cif you are home, you can leave your door a crack open to let the cold air flow from the building’s A/C for some cool air relief;
  • Plan your window usage – open your windows early in the morning and late in the evening while it is cooler to let in the cold air, close them during the day while it is hottest and to keep cool air in;
  • Make use of fans – fans are an excellent option for keeping cool during a heat wave. Try putting a bowl of ice water in front of your fan to help circulate the cooler air;
  • Keep your blinds closed – you may be tempted to open up your blinds during a sunny day but try and keep them closed to block the heat from the sun from warming up your unit

If you are looking for things to do over Labour Day, we found a great list of events going on in Metro Vancouver for you to check out, click here: Labour Day in Metro Vancouver

Please note that our head office will be closed on Monday, September 4 and will re-open on Tuesday, September 5.

Although our head office will be closed on Monday, September 4, our 24-hour emergency line will be available for emergency maintenance matters at 604-736-1157.

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable long-weekend!

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