Inspections & Reporting

Regular monitoring of suites is integral in achieving long term sustainability. Knowing the condition of the units on an annual basis will ensure that exposed liabilities are identified and corrected and that suites continue to be maintained for the comfort of your residents.

Our unit inspection and reporting services is a proven beneficial tool for our clients, that allows them to have important information and data that is readily available and in plain language, which enables for efficient and streamlined decision making.

Our expert building and suite inspectors are respectful and mindful of our resident’s homes and privacy during the inspections, while still capturing the overall condition of suites for further important planning and corrective measures.

Some of our inspection and reporting services include:

  • Visual and non-destructive in-suite and common area inspections conducted by one of our professional building and in-suite inspectors
  • Plain language, effective inspection forms
  • Visual assessment of clutter posing safety and fire hazards
  • Post-inspection summary report that allows for sorting and organization of key data
  • Written narrative report with recommendations and photos
  • Corrective measures on identified deficiencies
  • In-suite capital planning

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