September is here and that means Summer is drawing to a close and the kids are heading back to school. With the new school year brings changing schedules including the children being out of the house during the day and parents juggling the many activities that come along with school.

As property managers we know the importance of ensuring one’s home is in the appropriate state when left vacant for hours during the day. We also know the value that comes with having a proper home maintenance plan when schedules change and the household gets hectic! That is why we have prepared a ‘back to school’ list of things to remember when leaving the house in the morning as well as tips to prepare for your children’s new school year.

Prepare a waste plan

School papers, packed lunches, and after-school play dates can equate to waste! It is important to be prepared with a waste plan. Be informed about what gets recycled, what gets composted, and what gets put in the trash. For example, did you know that receipts can be composted!? By developing a waste management plan for your home it will not only help you keep organized and eliminate clutter but it will also set an example for your children to do the same as they get older.

CHECK before you leave the house

Get in the habit of doing a CHECK before you leave the house:

Candles (are any still lit?)
Heating Elements (are any still on?)
Electronics (are any running unnecessarily?)
Cooking Devices (is everything turned off?)
Keys (are all doors locked and do you have all your keys?)

Save energy and save on your energy bill!

Small things make a difference when it comes to saving energy (which also means saving on your energy bill). It is good to get in the habit of ensuring that lights are turned off, faucet taps are closed tightly (no dripping!) and unplug any electronics that don’t need to be running during the day. While you are out of the house try to be conservative about which setting you leave your thermostat on – it will help you save on your upcoming bill!

Eliminate clutter – you will be glad you did.  

Start your kids school year off clutter-free. Although it can be nice to keep ahold of meaningful items, continuing to store unnecessary goods can become a safety hazard! We suggest going through your children’s closets and donate what they no longer need or want (i.e. last year’s sneakers, sweaters, pants and shorts that are either outdated or outsized by now)

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