Janitorial Services

Our efficient and reliable janitorial services will ensure that your building is being well-maintained and looked after.  Our janitorial services are focused on maintain a building environment that is healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and supports the long-term sustainability of your property.

Our dependable and proactive building cleaners provide cleaning services which include but are not limited to:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping of all common areas, including mechanical room floors including amenity rooms and stairwells
  • Empty all trash and recycling bins and replace liners and place into appropriate waste bins in all common areas, offices, amenity and mechanical rooms
  • Sweep and spot check and dispose of noticeable debris and waste on common grounds of the exterior property
  • Clean accessible interior and exterior glass windows and doors
  • Maintain cleaning supply closets and or rooms in a clean, organized and safe manner
  • Maintain janitorial equipment in a clean, safe and operable condition
  • Proper labelling, dilution and use of all chemicals and removal of unnecessary chemicals and combustibles
  • TPM janitor is subject to and must accord with client’s internal building and operational policies

Interested in our janitorial services? Contact us to request a proposal.