On September 26, 2017 BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) released the full data report that provided a complete overview of the current state of the homeless population in Metro Vancouver.

Whether you are a resident of Metro Vancouver or just visiting, the odds that you have witnessed both the young and old living and sleeping on the streets of our City is very high. And although it is easy to become accustomed to seeing this day-in and day-out, when you see the homeless count on paper, it is startling.

In March of 2017, BCNPHA set out to gather further information as to the number and characteristics of the current homeless population in the area. The findings of this report were that homelessness has increased across Metro Vancouver with 828 more homeless people than in 2014, a total 30% increase. Other findings included, 34% increase since 2014 of homeless people who identify as Aboriginal and an overall rise in % of homeless seniors while an overall decrease in % of young people.

The final count? In March 8, 2017 a total of 3,605 people was found homeless in Metro Vancouver.

There is much more detailed information available in the final report released by BCNPHA, please click here to take a read.

So, what does having these numbers mean? Statistics provides us with the backbone of taking action. Homelessness is on the rise – and we need to do something about it. The statistics found in the research conducted in 2017 will be used to create policy, plan, develop and prioritize programs to address homelessness. BCNPHA has developed an Affordable Housing Plan for B.C. which identifies the required steps for investing in housing supply and support programs to help combat homelessness.

What is TPM doing? On November 16, our General Manager, Glenne Manlig, will be participating in a fundraising event called Sleep Out! where he will spend one night sleeping on the street, without the comforts of a bed or shelter. Glenne’s goal is to raise $15,000 for the event and he is on his way.

You can help support Glenne and the mission of Covenant House by making a donation of any denomination.

Your donations will go directly to Covenant House to help them to provide shelter, food, clothing and counseling to youth. Currently Convenant House supports close to 1,400 youth every year.

Want to donate? Visit Glenne’s personal fundraising page by click here.

If you want to learn more about the Sleep Out Event, click here.

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