It has been a busy few months as the New Jubilee House, a recently built residential development, has opened their doors to provide low-end-of-market rentals to new residents.

Having partnered with the 127 Society to lease the building, we have already welcomed numerous new residents to this unique and highly sought after development.

Operated by the 127 Housing Society, the New Jubilee House was built to provide safe homes with a welcoming environment to low income tenants. As rental costs for housing continue to rise, this 162-unit residential building serves a critical role in providing affordable homes for those who do not have the income to pay the city’s steadily increasing private market rental prices.

Located in the heart of Yaletown, this building provides singles and couples the opportunity to live in a building built to LEED Gold standards, that contains a wide range of amenities for residents, including a library, lounge, computer room, communal kitchen and rooftop garden while also supporting a social housing initiative with a great cause.

Units in this development are still available, but with the high demand they will not be around for long!

For building and unit photos, please click here: Jubilee House Building and Unit Photos

Want to see more? For more unit photos, please click here: Jubilee House Furnished Unit Photos

Want to apply now? Email for more information.

We are excited to have partnered up with 127 Society for Housing that supports a great cause and the well-being of the community at large. If you would like to learn more information about 127 Society for Housing, visit their website at

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