On Monday, September 5th the TPM head office will be closed for the Statutory holiday, Labour day.

While historically, this holiday celebrates the workers and labour union movement, we now also recognize this holiday as the last long weekend of the summer.

For those of you who choose to go away for the long-weekend, here is a short checklist that will help you make sure your home is prepared before you go:

  • Unplug your electronics – includes toasters, TV, microwave, kettle etc.
  • Get rid of food that may spoil – this will prevent fruit flies and odour
  • Take out your garbage – you do not want to miss garbage day!
  • Water your plants – hydrating your plants before you go will help them stay healthy for the few days away
  • Turn off your water –  turn off the water supply to your to washing machines, dishwashers, ice-makers and toilets.
  • Turn off the lights – make sure you check all rooms and that lights are off!
  • Check that your doors are locked – before you go, check that all doors are locked securely

We hope you take this day to celebrate with friends and family!

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