Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy:

Terra Property Management respects your right to privacy. The following will describe the conduct in which Terra Property Management protects the privacy of its visitors to our website and by accessing, browsing or using the website, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the provisions contained herein.

Website Administration:

By visiting the Terra Property Management website, some information may be collected by the software that manages our website (example, the time and date of your visit, the site from which you linked). The purpose of collecting some information is used to compile statistics about the total number of daily visitors, the pages visited and the frequency, and the duration of the visitor at each page. None of the information that we report allow for personal identification of individuals that visit the website, unless you specifically complete a form on the website that requires personal information (example, waiting list form, application form and maintenance form).

Our servers and the software that manages our website does not track, collect or distribute personal information about visitors.

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