The Terra Group


The Terra Group of Companies

Terra Property Management is proud to be a part of the Terra Group of Companies. For over 30 years, the Terra Group of Companies has been providing a continuum of social purpose real estate services across B.C. and are regarded as leaders in this sector.

From Property Management, Asset Management and Development, our dedicated team of professionals has a range of expertise to address your real estate needs.


Terra Housing, our parent company, has unparalleled expertise in the development of social purpose real estate projects. Their dedicated departments offer a wide range of services in addition to their core functions. From Development Management, Support Services and Claims, Terra Housing is regarded as one of the most experienced social purpose development managers in Canada, with over 30 years of experience, over 270 projects, with more than 12,000 units completed or in development in 40 municipalities across the province of British Columbia.

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Asset Management

Terra Asset Management (TAM) was formed by the principal owners of Terra Housing, one of Canada’s most experienced social purpose development management firms. TAM’s mission is to help create a financially sustainable housing sector by providing excellent asset management planning, refinancing and renewal strategies and expert project management services.

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Life Lease

Terra Lumina specializes in social-purpose real estate, giving non-profit groups in B.C. the opportunity to develop seniors’ housing tailored to their members and the local community. A life lease is a form of pre-paid lease that offers a level of security and protection from the real estate market not found in standard condominium projects. The life lease method is an excellent way for non-profits to finance the construction of seniors’ housing, without the need for major government subsidies or large mortgages.

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